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Police Blotter: Possible police impersonator reported

A juvenile male reported being pulled over by an individual impersonating a police officer Monday night near the 900 block of Fourth Ave East.

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The young man said he was driving when a black Dodge Charger -- the same model driven by some Dickinson Police Department officials -- flashed its lights behind him. Thinking it was a police officer, he pulled over and an individual wearing what he thought was a police uniform approached his car.

He said in his report that the man driving the Dodge Charger looked at the youth’s driver’s license, returned it, and left without issuing any paperwork.

“Just FYI,” Dickinson Police Sgt. Kylan Klauzer said. “If someone flashes their headlights behind you, don’t pull over.”

More downtown vandalism, property damage reported

Two more reports of vandalism along Villard were reported Monday, this time at Dacotah Bank and Border Resources.

The incidents most likely happened over the weekend, which saw a string of property damage and graffiti at businesses in the downtown area.

“I’m going to bet these are going to be related as well,” Dickinson Police Sgt. Kylan Klauzer said.

Man arrested for domestic violence at Oasis Hotel

A domestic dispute ended in an arrest Monday afternoon at the Oasis Hotel at 10th Ave W and Villard.

David Smith, 30, of Dickinson, was charged with domestic violence after officers arrived to find found a female victim with injuries that “substantiated that a physical assault had taken place,” Dickinson Police Sgt. Kylan Klauzer said.

The woman did not require medical treatment. Smith was taken into custody at the Southwest Multi-County Correction Center.

Couple arrested for domestic violence

Officers arrested a man and woman for domestic violence Monday night near the 1200 block of Seventh Street East.

Brian Schaff, 40, and Melinda Schaff, 41, both of Dickinson, were both taken into custody at the Southwest Multi-County Correction Center. They were each charged with domestic violence against the other.