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Police Blotter: Fight report leads to man’s arrest for driving with suspended license in Dickinson

Police officers arrested a Dickinson man for driving with a suspended license after he tried to leave the scene of a disturbance near Brick Drive Tuesday morning.

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Jesus Aguirre, 32, and two other males were seen getting into their vehicle and driving away when officers arrived at the scene of a reported fight.

“That’s pretty common to have happen,” said Dickinson Police Det. Terry Oestreich said, “when the guys involved in an altercation leave.”

Officers followed Aguirre’s vehicle and approached when it stopped “on its own.” Oestreich said.

“This is clearly suspicious now,” Oestreich said.

A check on Aguirre’s driving status found that he was driving under a suspended license. He denied involvement in the fight, and witnesses at the scene said the individual who had been causing the disturbance had left the area.

Dickinson tire-slasher arrested, charged with criminal mischief

Rafael Torres-Ramirez, of Dickinson, was cited with for criminal mischief and driving under a suspended license Tuesday night.

Witnesses reported observing Torres-Ramirez, 31, slashing tires outside of the Queen City Motel on Villard. He left the scene, but officers were able to identify and arrest him, Dickinson Police Det. Terry Oestreich said.