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Police Blotter: Man assaults cyclist he hit with car

A Dickinson man was charged with reckless endangerment Tuesday after striking a cyclist with his vehicle and then assaulting the man.

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Andrew Welch, 18, hit a man on his bicycle near the 700 block of Fourth Avenue Southwest, got out of his car and punched the victim in the face.

Dickinson Police Det. Terry Oestreich said the two men certainly knew of each other before the incident, but it is unclear if they knew each other personally. He said the striking was intentional.

Welch was taken into custody, Oestreich said the cyclist is OK.

New report of vandalism likely linked to previous cases

Another day, another case of vandalism.

This time perpetrators targeted the Cenex General Store at Sixth Avenue and Villard Street West in Dickinson.

Dickinson Police Det. Terry Oestreich said symbols found spray-painted on the property match those already seen on other businesses across town in recent weeks. The incident is believed to be related to the string of other property damage.

Purse thief hits West River Community Center parking lot

Two women had their cars broken into and purses stolen from the West River Community Center parking lot Wednesday evening.

The two incidents are being treated as related. Dickinson Police Det. Terry Oestreich said that in both cases, the thief broke the windows in the cars and made off with the purses inside.

It is unknown if the incidents were caught on security cameras, Oestriech said.