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Police Blotter: Man faces multiple charges of domestic violence after attack on girlfriend

A Dickinson man is facing multiple charges of domestic violence after he assaulted his girlfriend and the man he believed she was in a relationship with.

Dickinson Police Capt. David Wilkie said officers arrived at a residence on the 700 block of Fourth Street West late Thursday night, where they saw a car crashed into a vehicle in the driveway and heard a man shouting death threats at another man inside.

Inside they found the unidentified victim restraining Donnel Taylor, 35, on the ground near a pool of blood.

Taylor had come to the residence to confront the owner, who was allowing Taylor’s girlfriend to stay at the house.

Taylor found his girlfriend at the residence and “punched her in the head, and then he began acting crazy and yelling, and hitting the other guy,” Wilkie said.

Officers arrested Taylor for one count of terrorizing and two counts of domestic violence. He was cited for failure to give notice of a car accident that had occurred earlier in the day, as well as for care required following the accident.

Taylor was taken into custody at the Southwest Multi-County Correction Center.

Two women arrested for domestic violence

Two women were arrested for domestic violence Thursday afternoon at the Queen View Condos.

An argument between Carol Schmidt, 71, and Cara Medina, 49, broke out when Medina returned to the apartment the women shared to find Schmidt there.

They admitted to officers who responded to the 911 call that they had been “in physical combat,” Dickinson Police Capt. Dave Wilkie said. There was evidence of physical violence on both women.

It is unknown what the relationship between Schmidt and Medina is. Both were taken into custody after the incident.

Basketball game ends in arrest

A pick-up game of basketball in Eagles Park ended in an arrest for aggravated assault early Friday morning.

Christopher Staley, 23, and his roommate had met two other men at a bar earlier in the night. When the bar closed, the group decided to head to the basketball court for a game of 2-on-2.

One of the other men, upset with the way Staley was playing, punched Staley in the face. Staley retaliated, his roommate told Dickinson Police officers, and “the next thing he knew, they were rolling on the ground and really fighting each other,” Capt. David Wilkie said.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found Staley shirtless and covered in blood. His victim had numerous cuts on his face, swollen eyes and lips and an “obviously disfigured nose,” Wilkie said.

Staley was taken into custody and faces charges of aggravated assault.