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Dickinson Police: Look out for card-skimmers at the pump

The Dickinson Police Department is warning drivers to watch out for “card-skimmers” at gas pumps around the city.

An area bank called the DPD to report incidents of credit card fraud, Det. Terry Oestreich said. The electronic devices are usually attached over a normal credit-card reader at gas station pumps and can be easily overlooked.

“These are pretty good skimming devices as far as being hard to detect,” Oestreich said. “They’re really good quality.”

The bank became aware of the skimmers after several victims found fraudulent charges on their cards. Affected gas stations have been notified.

Oestreich said gas station customers should be vigilant if they see anything suspicious at the pump: newer credit card machines on old pumps or if the credit card port looks different.

He recommended paying inside rather than using the pay-at-the-pump option.

More information can be found on the Dickinson Police Department’s Facebook page.