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Police Blotter: Man arrested at courthouse for resisting arrest

Dickinson Police officers Tased a Dickinson man Monday after he resisted arrest.

Officers spotted Thomas Marzano III, 51, outside of the Stark County Courthouse and verified that he had an outstanding city warrant for his arrest for failure to comply with fines.

They made contact with Marzano, but he was resistant to their commands, Dickinson Police Detective Kylan Klauzer said. Officers ended up deploying a Taser on Marzano in order to detain him.

Marzano was arrested and charged with resisting arrest. Klauzer said it was unclear why Marzano was at the courthouse in the first place.

Officers arrest Texas man for ingesting marijuana

Dickinson Police officers arrested a Texas man for ingestion of a controlled substance Monday afternoon.

A caller reported a suspicious man “acting strangely” near the 300 block of 15th Street West, Detective Kylan Klauzer said.

Richard Kamanayo, 26, of Houston, appeared to be under the influence when officers responded to the call and made contact. He admitted to officers that he had just ingested marijuana.

Kamanayo was arrested and taken into custody.

Local man charged after threatening neighbors with brick

A Dickinson man is being charged with disorderly conduct and tumultuous behavior after threatening other residents at his apartment with a brick early Tuesday morning.

Officers responding to a report of a fight found Muragizi Semukiza, 24, in an altercation with another male near the 2800 block of 5th Avenue West.

Semukiza was reportedly holding a brick in his hand and yelling at the other occupants of his ground-floor apartment, Detective Kylan Klauzer said.

Vehicle stolen early Tuesday

Dickinson Police officers are trying to locate a missing white 2010 Toyota Corolla. The vehicle was stolen from the 500 block of 4th Ave W early Tuesday morning.