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Police Blotter: Woman arrested on meth paraphernalia possession charge

Officers arrested a Dickinson woman found in her car early Wednesday morning with drug paraphernalia.

Kalinda Page, 51, was seen driving a car that officers recognized as belonging to a suspected drug dealer. Officers made contact when she stopped in a parking lot near the 200 block of Kuchenski Drive.

Page gave officers consent to search her vehicle, where they found a scale, bag and pipe.

She is being charged with possession of methamphetamine paraphernalia and providing false information to law enforcement after officers found identification from two different states with two different names, Dickinson Police Capt. David Wilkie said.

A Bismarck warrant was served for theft of property.

Man arrested for punching pregnant girlfriend in stomach

A Dickinson man is facing assault charges after punching his 7-weeks pregnant girlfriend in the stomach.

Dickinson Police officers arrested Jeffrey Kollingwood, 40, Wednesday evening after he assaulted his girlfriend during a disagreement, police said.

Kollingwood is being charged with simple assault and domestic violence. The woman is OK, Dickinson Police Capt. David Wilkie said.