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Police Blotter: Dickinson man arrested for domestic violence, reckless driving after high-speed pursuit

A Dickinson man was arrested early Monday morning after aggressively pursuing an ex-girlfriend in an attempt to restart their relationship.

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Clay Coslor, 31, approached his ex at a gas station where she was filling up after working an overnight shift. She told Coslor to leave and left the gas station, stopping in a parking lot near 10th Avenue and Villard Street West.

Coslor pulled up behind her and once again asked about their relationship. He began to get agitated and refused to let the woman out of her car. Her co-worker arrived and told Coslor that if he didn’t leave she was going to call police.

When police arrived, Coslor took off, and officers pursued him all the way to 12th Street and Third Avenue West, where Coslor crashed his car at the intersection. He sustained a minor cut on his head.

Coslor faces charges of disorderly conduct, fleeing in a motor vehicle and reckless driving. His ex-girlfriend was uninjured in the incident.

Teen arrested for ingestion of marijuana, providing false information

A Dickinson teen was arrested Saturday afternoon for ingestion of a controlled substance and providing false information to law enforcement.

Dickinson Police were called to the 600 block of 8th Avenue West after a man called to report that his neighbor had come by to ask for a lighter. The man allegedly lit up a joint in front of the caller and his children.

Officers went next door to investigate, and as one officer spoke to two adolescent females inside, the other officer saw a male jump the fence behind the house. The two females said they were the only ones home.

After leaving to respond to a priority call, officers returned to the residence and this time spoke with the father of one of the two females, who told them William Clark, 19, was in the home.

Clark matched the description the neighbor had provided. He told police he had been sleeping the whole time and denied being the man officers had seen hopping over a fence.

Police found marijuana and paraphernalia in Clark’s pocket and arrested him for ingestion of a controlled substance and for providing false information.

Man punches roommate, claims it was in self defense

Officers arrested a Dickinson man after he got into a physical altercation with his roommate.

Nicholas Rico, 24, is facing charges of simple assault after he punched his roommate. The roommate told police that he and Rico got into an argument about some comments Rico had made about the roommate’s deceased cousin.

The roommate lunged aggressively at Rico, who told police he punched the roommate in self defense, Dickinson Police Capt. David Wilkie said.

Woman begging for money arrested for trespassing

A Dickinson woman was arrested Sunday evening after she refused to leave a store where she was apparently begging customers for money.

Rebecca Miller, 37, faces charges of criminal trespassing at Town and Country Liquors.

Dickinson man attacked by intoxicated basement tenant

A Dickinson man is alleging his basement tenant drunkenly assaulted him late Sunday.

The victim told Dickinson Police that he was awoken by a “very intoxicated” Isaec Slaugh, 46, Capt. David Wilkie said. Slaugh asked the victim for a lighter, and when the victim said he didn’t have one, Slaugh became agitated, went to the kitchen to look for food and started yelling that his eyes were burning.

When the victim told Slaugh to go back downstairs, Slaugh grabbed him by the neck with both hands and choked him to the point where the victim couldn’t breathe, Wilkie said.

Officers found a heavily intoxicated Slaugh on the floor of his room and arrested him for aggravated assault and terrorizing. He was taken into custody at the Southwest Multi-County Correction Center.

The victim was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital with scratches on his neck and told police he fears for his life. It is apparently not the first time Slaugh has threatened his roommate, Wilkie said.

Woman arrested for assaulting boyfriend

Officers arrested a Dickinson woman early Monday for domestic violence.

Beverly Fettig, 61, faces charges of simple assault after her boyfriend called to report that she was hitting him. He had marks on him, giving officers probable cause to arrest Fettig.