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Assault charges, possibly more pending for woman who set home on fire

A Richardton woman is facing charges of aggravated assault after she allegedly set fire to her home following a dispute with her boyfriend.

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Authorities said April Lopez, 32, used gasoline as an accelerant to start a fire shortly after midnight Saturday at her home near First and C Street North in Richardton. Her boyfriend, whose name is not being released, was home at the time.

The couple have one child, who was not home.

Stark County Sheriff Clarence Tuhy said both Lopez and her boyfriend were airlifted to the Region Hospital Burn Center in St. Paul, Minn., where they are being treated for their burn injuries. The full cause of the fire is under investigation by the sheriff and fire departments.

Lopez is initially being charged with a class ‘B’ felony aggravated assault, said State’s Attorney Rhonda Ehlis, but “we have a lot more investigation to do.”

An arrest warrant was issued Sunday for Lopez, who will have to be extradited back to North Dakota to face charges.