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Police Blotter: Man arrested for trespassing at Queen City Motel

A man was arrested Monday evening for trespassing at the Queen City Motel after staff had already asked him to leave.

Dickinson Police officers received a call Monday morning from the motel requesting that they remove tenant David Self, 31. Self received a written trespassing warning and left the area.

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He returned a few hours later and was arrested, Police Detective Terry Oestreich said.

The Tucson, Ariz., resident has been staying at the motel with roommate Keith Lynes, 32, of Dickinson. Lynes was arrested on three warrants: failure to comply, failure to appear on driving under suspension charges and failure to pay child support.

Industrial air compressor stolen from softball field

A portable air compressor worth more than $17,000 was stolen from the Dickinson North Fields Monday in Dickinson.

The industrial equipment, often used to blow out cracks in pavement using pressurized air, was on a trailer near the field when it was hauled away, Dickinson Police Detective Terry Oestreich said.

“One would assume somebody showed up, hooked onto the trailer and drove away,” he said.

The Ingersoll compressor is “fairly large,” Oestreich said, and is engraved with “Bituminous Paving” on the side.