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Suspect in S.D. armed robbery found in Dickinson

A suspect believed to be involved in an armed robbery in Watertown, S.D., was taken into custody Monday after Stark County Sheriff deputies tracked him down at Patterson Lake.

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Officers had received notification from Watertown officials that the suspect was believed to be in the Dickinson area based off of information being pinged from his cellphone, Stark County Sheriff’s Detective Chris Coates said.

The unnamed male was stopped while driving a car that matched the description provided by Watertown. Officers were still investigating the scene on Monday afternoon.

Coates said he was unable to comment on whether the suspect was still armed when officers found him.

Watertown officials were notified that the suspect was taken into custody and were “on their way” to serve a warrant, Sheriff Clarence Tuhy said.

Stark County Sheriff Capt. Dean Franchuk said the Watertown Police Department will take over the investigation.