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Police Blotter: 95 DUI arrests, citations in June

Southwest Dickinson Regional DUI Task Force recorded 95 total citations and arrests during a month-long high visibility enforcement event in June.

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After 30 days of additional law enforcement presence throughout the southwest region, the task force recorded four DUI arrests, three other alcohol-related arrests, 67 speed citations, seven suspended driving arrests and no felony violations. The agency made 137 total contacts over the course of the month.

The numbers are down from March, when the task force recorded four felony violations and made 19 DUI arrests.

The task force, made up of the Stark County Sheriff’s Department, North Dakota Highway Patrol, Dickinson Police Department and several other regional law enforcement agencies, was formed in October 2010 to reduce alcohol-related crashes and fatalities across the state.

Dickinson man arrested for aggravated assault

A Dickinson man is facing charges of aggravated assault after the woman he allegedly assaulted showed up at the police department with obvious contusions on her body.

Kellan Sims, 26, was found at a residence on the 600 block of Fourth Avenue Southwest, arrested for aggravated assault and taken into custody at the Southwest Multi-County Correction Center.

His alleged victim reported that her airway had been constricted in the altercation and that she had been unable to breathe, Detective Kylan Klauzer said, resulting in more serious charges against Sims. She did not receive medical attention at the time.

Officers also served a Williams County warrant on Sims.

Dickinson woman found with meth paraphernalia at dike

A Dickinson woman was arrested early Tuesday morning after officers found her at the Dickinson Dike with methamphetamine paraphernalia, Detective Kylan Klauzer said

An officer observed Tana Hamann, 42, in her car near the 2400 block of West Broadway and recognized her vehicle, as Hamann had a previous Stark County warrant out for her arrest on driving without liability insurance charges.

When the officer made contact with the woman, he identified the driver as Hamman.