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Police Blotter: Man arrested under the influence at clinic

Officers arrested a man Monday afternoon at the Great Plains Clinic after he admitted to them he had used crystal meth and cocaine earlier.

Ezekiel White, 37, was found in the men’s room at the clinic sweating profusely and talking to himself. Someone at the clinic had called Dickinson Police to report an individual “acting very strange,” Detective Terry Oestreich said.

White, who gave no address, was arrested and taken into custody. He faces charges of ingestion of a controlled substance, a Class A misdemeanor.

Man arrested for assaulting wife

A Dickinson man was arrested early Tuesday morning for domestic violence after he assaulted his wife.

Officers were called to a residence on the 800 block of Elm Avenue where they arrested Doug Rustan, 53.

Rustan faces charges of simple assault for hitting his wife in the face. She did not require medical attention.

Man violates protection order, faces felony charges

Dickinson Police officers arrested a man after he violated a protection order Tuesday morning.

William Paul, of Dickinson, allegedly sent vulgar text messages to his ex-wife. He had previously violated a no-contact order in May.

A protection order violation is a Class C Felony. Paul, 52, was taken to the Southwest Multi-County Correction Center where he is being held without bail.

Woman reports assault, leads to man’s arrest

Officers arrested a Dickinson man for domestic violence after his ex-girlfriend came to the Law Enforcement Center to report he had assaulted her.

Eucebio Morales-Soto, 36, allegedly slammed the woman into a door and slapped her during an altercation at the 800 block of 13th Avenue West Tuesday night, according to a report.

The woman suffered some injuries to her face, including bruising around her lips. She is pregnant with her current boyfriend’s child, Dickinson Police Detective Terry Oestreich said.

Morales-Soto faces charges of simple assault.

Two lawn tractors stolen from business

Dickinson Police officers are looking for two Husqvarna lawn tractors reported stolen Wednesday from Southwest Ag Repair im Dickinson.

The two orange tractors had been parked in front of the business when they were taken sometime between 7 p.m. Tuesday and 6:45 a.m. Wednesday.

One of the tractors is estimated to be worth $1,500; the other is $1,800. Both have been entered into the National Crime Information Center database.