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Police Blotter: Man arrested for resisting officers

A Dickinson man found driving erratically around a neighborhood was arrested for resisting arrest early Tuesday morning.

Police had been called to respond to reports of a possible drunk driver after Michael Devenberg, 29, allegedly drove his pickup through yards around the 2000 block of Prairie Avenue, honking his horn and tearing up grass and sprinkler heads.

When officers attempted to lead Devenberg away from the scene, he shouted, “Don’t put your hands on me, dude!” and looked like he was going to fight, Capt. Dave Wilkie said.

Devenberg was handcuffed and transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital, where he checked himself in and was later released with no injuries.

He faces charges of resisting officers, a Class B misdemeanor.

Man arrested for lying about stolen wallet

Officers arrested a Fargo man early Tuesday morning after he lied to officers about having his wallet stolen during a bar fight.

Donald Warmuth, 32, called police to report he had been assaulted and had his wallet stolen. Officers responding to the north Holiday Gas Station recognized Warmuth from an earlier bar check.

He pulled out his wallet with his driver’s license inside, but still insisted it had been stolen by a man. Dickinson Police Capt. Dave Wilkie said he believes Warmuth just wanted to get in trouble.

Officers “gave Donald plenty of chances to change his story,” but Warmuth told officers he was telling the truth.

He was arrested for providing false information to a police officer.