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Police still looking for 2 missing teens

Taylor Swindle

Officers are still looking for two Dickinson teens reported missing in separate cases earlier this month, but information on their whereabouts has been scant.

Dickinson Police Capt. Dave Wilkie said police don’t know much more “than what we had when we started” on the cases of 16-year-old Taylor Swindle and 15-year-old Isabel Medina.

Family members and friends of the girls “haven’t had any information for us,” Wilkie said. “We really don’t have anything to follow up on. We don’t really know if either one of the girls is still in town.”

Swindle was reported as a runaway on Aug. 2. She stands at 5-foot-6 and weighs 118 pounds; she has blonde hair and brown eyes and was last seen wearing a light blue North Carolina pullover.

Her mother initially told police that she believed Swindle was on her way to Williston.

“We had information about who she might be with and where she might be at,” Wilkie said, “but she wasn’t with that person, or at that address.”

Swindle’s brother reportedly got through to the teen’s phone about a week after her disappearance and spoke to a male who said he was hiding her.

Medina is 5-foot-2 and weighs between 100 and 125 pounds. She has brown eyes and reddish-brown hair.

She was reported as a runaway after she jumped out of her mother’s vehicle near the Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport on Aug. 11. Her mother told police she believed her daughter was trying to go to the Minot area.

Wilkie posted both cases to the department’s Facebook page, but said only one public tip has come in, despite the posts reaching thousands of people and receiving hundreds of shares each.

“None of them have anything that has any kind of information of where they might be,” he said. “I’m kind of amazed. Usually I get some kind of information with other times that I’ve done these missing person cases, but these two, I don’t have anything.”

Anyone with information about Medina or Swindle can call the police at 701-456-7759. Tips can be anonymous.

Faulx is a reporter for The Dickinson Press. Contact her at 701- 456-1207. Tweet her at NadyaFaulx.