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Alleged human trafficking victim recounts need for help, abuse

WILLISTON -- The alleged victim in the case of a man charged with human trafficking says had just come out of a correctional and treatment center and was told the man could help her. Instead, she says, he forced himself upon her, had her injected with drugs and taught how to be a prostitute, according to court documents filed in the case.

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Keith Graves, a two-time sexual offender, was arrested in Williston in July and is charged with human trafficking, two counts of Class AA felonious gross sexual imposition, terrorizing, reckless endangerment and drug charges.

In official court records, the woman is referred to Jane Doe.Her account of what happened from July 25-29 is the basis for the case against Graves, a two-time sexual offender.

The woman said she first heard of Graves in the Heart of America Treatment Center, a correctional and treatment facility in Rugby, about 200 miles east of Williston. Two fellow inmates at the prison had been working for Graves, and they told Jane Doe that Graves could get her a bit of money and help her get back on her feet when she got out.

After being released, she met Graves in Stanley.

They drove toward Williston, then Graves stopped the car alongside the highway.

She said Graves told her to take off her top and her bra, and then he began touching her. He told her to perform oral sex on him.

She refused, and he grabbed her by the head but she was able to pull away.

Graves then straddled her, pushing her back into the seat.

Graves later brought her to the Roosevelt Hotel in Williston. He dropped Jane Doe off with another female, who was working with or for him at the time.

Graves drove south to pick up another girl, this one from Watford City.

He introduced her to the girl when he returned. They stayed up for a while, talking and, apparently, drinking.

Jane Doe fell asleep or passed out. Two other witnesses, their names redacted from the court records, testified that Graves raped Jane Doe while she was passed out.

The court documents say that by the end of the next day, she’d be struck in the face by Graves for talking back and he would hold a gun to her head while another girl injected her with methamphetamine.

She would be injected again the 26th, though without having a gun pressed to her head.

On the 27th, she’d be injected two more times by the same female.

On the 28th, the female who had been injecting Jane Doe with methamphetamine taught her the ins and outs of being a prostitute for Graves.

She explained what customers could or could not do if they worked for law enforcement, how to spot an undercover officer and what words to use to avoid incriminating herself.

An ad was placed on the website using a cell phone number that Graves had provided to Jane Doe.

Jane Doe and the other girl at the Airport International Inn.

Graves would later assault Jane Doe in his truck, trying to get her to perform oral sex and saying, “We have unfinished business to take care of.”

The next day, he did it again, he tried forcing her for several moments, until the other female stepped in and said she would do it so Jane Doe didn’t have to.

A search warrant was executed on the room at the International Inn soon after. Graves was arrested and the room was searched by Williston police and FBI agents.