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Sex offender couple with baby on way plead guilty in absconding case

FARGO — Two sex offenders who are expecting a child together, and who were accused of absconding, have pleaded guilty.

Denise Kelly Gerszewski, 31, and Wesley Owen Gee, 30, both of Fargo, pleaded guilty this week in Cass County District Court to one count of failing to register as a sex offender, a Class C felony.

Cass County prosecutor Leah Viste said the sentences are standard in cases in which there’s a limited history of similar offenses on a defendant’s record.

Gerszewski and Gee were charged with leaving their Fargo halfway house in May without notifying law enforcement of their whereabouts. They were arrested when one of them sought treatment at a hospital two weeks later.

Gerszewski and Gee were each convicted of sex crimes against 16-year-olds of the opposite sex — in 2010 and 2011 for Gerszewski, and in 2006 for Gee.

Prosecutors said at the time that while neither was permitted to have contact with minors, their probation didn’t exclude them from having a romantic relationship with each other.