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Beach High to present 'School for Nerds'

The academic nerds have heated encounters with the sports jocks when the senior class of Beach High School presents the comedy "School for Nerds" by Eugene Jackson.

Performances are at 7 p.m. today and Monday in the Lincoln Elementary School in Beach, under the direction of Director Diane Taylor Szudera.

"They are having a lot of fun with this one," said Szudera. "They are having a good time coming up with ideas for the scenes. They are taking ownership of it -- anything they can think of within reason."

Brawny Preparatory High School -- home of the fighting Hippopotami and national winner of every sports award -- is about to be closed because it failed to graduate a single student.

So, who comes to their rescue -- the academic nerds, of course.

Their presence is unappreciated, as the jocks glue the papers of their books together, put a frog in the mashed potatoes and steal their glasses.

But when the Accreditation Committee threatens to close the school, the jocks and the nerds learn they must work together for their own welfare. The nerds try to teach academics to the jocks, while the frustrated jocks try to teach athletics to the uncoordinated nerds.

The students have been challenged to find rehearsal times, said Szudera.

First, the girls participated in the state volleyball tournament. Now, the students are into the basketball season. But their dedication is apparent as they balance schedules.

"They are such a neat bunch of kids," said Szudera. "They are supportive and helpful to each other."

The cast nerds are played by Patrick Abraham, Teresa Losinski, Tyneal Begger and Abby Weinreis.

The jocks are played by Brittney Dietz, LaCee Vollum, Katie Schmeling, Brady Zachmann and Trevor Sime.

Szudera, who volunteers as director, appreciates the support provided by the Beach community.

"We pretty much have a full house at all the plays," she said. "The kids get excited peaking to see how many people are in the audience. People come up to them, telling what a good job they've done."

The play is presented by the senior class -- students who have other interests but come together for the one show. One junior was pulled into the cast. The junior class play is presented in the spring.

"The other students can't wait until it's their turn," she said.

Tyneal Begger, senior class president, plays the role of Henrietta -- one of the nerds.

"She's too smart for her own good -- she's so smart she's hard to be social," said Begger of her character.

Since the first rehearsals, Begger said, "It's really come along and we're having a lot of fun with it now."

She gives credit to their director.

"She's amazing -- she's always bringing us treats," said Begger. "Even when we're not focused and just running around the gym, she stays calm."