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Hazen superintendent Mike Ness appointed to state higher ed board
1 hour 29 min ago
Stark County temporarily lifts road weight restrictions
2 hours 52 min ago
Industrial Commission grants flaring exception: Members want new policy for when targets not met
3 hours 1 min ago
Experts see local interviews as a way for presidents to 'bypass' large Washington-based media
5 hours 21 min ago
House votes to send bigger share of oil production tax revenue back to political subdivisions
6 hours 30 min ago
February 25, 2015
High-rise to be sold: Sale of Dickinson’s tallest downtown building has been finalized
18 hours 44 min ago
ND officials to review medical care received by Cass Co. inmate
18 hours 54 min ago
Alerus Center’s 2014 profit down from 2013
18 hours 56 min ago
DSU Foundation looks to free itself of debt: Higher ed board to consider buying organization’s assets
18 hours 56 min ago
ND works out physical ed requirements
19 hours 13 min ago
Lawmakers reject prison-bed allocation for four counties
19 hours 17 min ago
House derails bill requiring 2 people to operate train
19 hours 19 min ago
ADM cuts biodiesel output as industry hit by weak margins
19 hours 23 min ago
ND still expects population growth
19 hours 24 min ago