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Southwest water operators recognized for work

Eleven local water operators were awarded "Certificates of Compliance" from the North Dakota Department of Health last week.

Brother John Seiler with the Assumption Abbey in Richardton which received a certificate said they aren't that hard to get and in the end it all comes down to doing your job.

"I wouldn't say it's simple, but you have to do your maintenance and record keeping and checking the quality of the water," Seiler said.

The certificates are awarded to water operators who meet the Federal and State Safe Drinking Water Act regulations. The bill passed by Congress in 1974 was further amended in 1986 and 1996.

The 2008 SDWA consisted of 11 major rules which included: Total coliform, surface water treatment, chemical monitoring, lead and copper, consumer confidence report, disinfectant and disinfection byproducts, public notification, radionuclides, arsenic, filter backwash recycle and the enhanced water treatment rule.

All 11 of the rules must be followed in order to be granted a certificate.

"Any place that has a population of 25 or more people has to do these tests," Seiler said. "Fortunately nothing has happened here that we haven't been able to handle. To get the certificate, yeah, I guess you have to have a perfect record as I understand it."

Seiler said the water is checked once a month at the Abbey, but would need to be checked more often in other places like Dickinson.

Other local operators who won included: Gerald Burwick, Baker Boy Supply; Lee Roy Roller, Belfield; Skip Rapp, Dickinson; Ronald Brost, Gladstone; Stephen Weiser, Richarton; Floyd Hurt, South Heart; Vernell Sievers, Taylor; Nick Stegmiller, New Hradec Waterworks; Jean Butterfield, Red Trail Energy, LLC and Lee Messer, Southwest Water Authority.