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Car drives through yard, rolls

Authorities responded to a rollover early Monday and believe there may be more to it than just a rollover.

Police discovered Robert Lee McCauley's damaged vehicle outside of his residence after a person who lives in the building called about a vehicle sitting in front of the building that looked like it had rolled over, Dickinson Police Department Sgt. Dave Wilkie said.

McCauley later told authorities the rollover occurred near the golf course, according to the police report. The red Chevrolet Cavalier is also believed to be involved in a vandalism incident on 14th Street Southwest, according to the Stark County Sheriff's Department.

A vehicle reportedly drove off the road south of Dickinson, into a field and through Scott Staudinger's yard.

"In the center of the lawn is a lawn ornament and they tried to spin around that and went back up on the road and took off again," said Deputy Fern Moser of the Stark County Sheriff's Department.

Staudinger said the vehicle nearly hit his garage.

"I was a little shocked actually seeing all those tracks thinking, 'Oh my gosh, how close was it?'" Staudinger said. "It is frustrating because you work so hard to get your yard the way it is."

There were tire tracks on the property, but no other damage. It is unclear if the vehicle drove through the yard before or after the rollover, Moser said.

"We believe that it's the same vehicle," Moser said.

McCauley reportedly admitted to being in his vehicle during the rollover but said he was not driving, according to the report.

"He was really vague. He wouldn't tell me who was driving and he wouldn't tell me how he got the vehicle home," Wilkie said.

When police located McCauley, he was reportedly limping due to injuries. He was transported to St. Joseph's Hospital, where he was treated and released.

Wilkie said McCauley was cited for failing to give immediate notice of the accident and for not having liability insurance, according to the report.

Authorities are investigating.

McCauley could not be reached for comment Tuesday.