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4 face additional charges

Stark County filed more charges against four Alabama fugitives who were reportedly part of a chase and standoff with authorities that lasted nearly 15 hours on June 6.

Angela, Ashton and Jacquelin Mink, along with Joshua Southwick, have been charged with criminal conspiracy to commit murder. The felony has a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine, according to the North Dakota Supreme Court Web site.

Stark County filed conspiracy to commit robbery charges on the four Monday, for allegedly robbing Movie Gallery in Dickinson. This felony carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine, according to the NDCS Web site.

The new charges were filed because "while in flight from the scene of a robbery, one of the conspirators leaned out of the escape vehicle and shot at a pursuing North Dakota Highway Patrol vehicle, striking the windshield of the patrol vehicle and narrowly missing the trooper," according to a Stark County criminal complaint.

The fugitives then reportedly took cover in a garage near Gladstone until Angela Mink, 25, and Southwick, 26, surrendered to authorities. Jacquelin Mink, 25, and Ashton Mink, 22, ran out the back of the building handcuffed together and shooting at law enforcement, authorities said. Angela and Ashton Mink are siblings. Jacquelin and Ashton Mink are married.

Authorities reportedly returned fire. Jacquelin Mink was shot in the chest and Ashton Mink was shot in the hip and the hand, Tom Henning, Stark County state's attorney, said Monday.

Ashton Mink is being treated at St. Joseph's Hospital in Dickinson and Jacquelin Mink is reportedly being treated at a Bismarck hospital. The two are supervised 24-hours a day.

In May, Southwick and Ashton Mink escaped from an Alabama prison, according to The Associated Press. Angela and Jacquelin Mink are believed to have aided in their escape.

Southwick and Angela Mink are held at the Southwest Multi County Correction Center in Dickinson.

It has already cost Stark County about $10,000 to supervise the two who are hospitalized. Clarence Tuhy, Stark County sheriff, said it costs $30 an hour for security for each fugitive.

"I don't know how long we're going to end up having them in there," Tuhy said. "For right now, we're going to end up paying for it until we decide if there's any other avenue we can take."

He is unsure who will foot the bill for medical costs.

Stark County deputies are providing some of the security but Tuhy would not say which other agencies are helping.

Tuhy said the house at the farmstead where the fugitives took cover was not damaged. However, he said officers who entered the residence tracked mud in.

"We went ahead and had that all professionally cleaned," Tuhy said, adding the county will also have to pay for the cleaning.

He said there was damage to the garage, but the costs are not yet determined.

Henning was unavailable for comment Friday.