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Man finds stolen trailer 3 years later

A Dunn Center man whose trailer was stolen three years ago found it for sale online last week, according to the Dickinson Police Department. The trailer is worth about $5,000.

The owner of the trailer wished to remain anonymous as to not compromise the investigation, but said he had a "pretty cool" story to share if the trailer is returned to him.

Police are working to retrieve it.

"We're hoping to have it seized by the end of the week," said Detective Kylan Klauzer.

The trailer has not been located yet, but Klauzer said it may be in Minnesota. If it is, he said it would take "significantly longer" to return the trailer to its owner.

"It has switched hands twice now that we know of," Klauzer said. "The person, who we believe may have stolen it, sold it in South Dakota."

Klauzer didn't know how the owner came across the trailer online, but said it was obvious the trailer for sale was his.

"There's numerous identity traits on that trailer that make it distinct," Klauzer said.

The trailer had been stolen three years ago while its owner was getting it repaired at Boespflug Trailers and Feed in Dickinson, he said.

It's a sticky situation, since the person in possession of the trailer likely paid for it and didn't know it was stolen, Klauzer said. He said the thief will be the one to pay for it.

South Dakota authorities are also reportedly investigating the theft. Authorities have a suspect, but Klauzer said there haven't been any arrests.