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Pickup pulled from Patterson

East End Auto employees, with the help of the Dickinson Rural Fire Department Dive Team and Stark County Sheriff's Department pull a pickup truck out of Patterson Lake Wednesday after it rolled down a boat ramp. No one was injured. Press Photo by Ashley Martin

A Dickinson man's pickup rolled into Patterson Lake Wednesday morning just before he planned to go for a boat ride.

Glen Hegstad climbed into his boat which was attached to a trailer and his pickup, while he was parked on a boat ramp.

"I was going to get the engine running before I disconnected it from the trailer," Hegstad said. "It started to move and I thought 'what the heck?'"

He said he jumped onto the dock, where he watched his 1982 Chevy roll into the water. It was completely submerged and remained attached to the trailer and boat, which floated above it.

Nobody was injured.

The pickup was worth about $700 to $800, Hegstad said.

His wife, Jenny Hegstad, came out to the lake after her husband told her what happened.

"I'm just glad he didn't get run over," she said. "That's the first thing I thought of."

East End Auto came to tow Hegstad's pickup out, but had to call for a bigger truck, since the pickup was caught on something.

The Dickinson Rural Fire Department Dive Team helped by attaching chains. The Stark County Sheriff's Department also responded.

About an hour and a half after East End began trying to pull the truck up the ramp, the pickup finally resurfaced.

Hegstad said his trip to Patterson was supposed to be short. He said he was just going to make sure the boat was in good running condition. The Hegstads were going to bring their grandchildren out for a ride in the boat later in the day, Jenny Hegstad said.

It's unclear why the pickup rolled, since Hegstad had it in park.