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NDGF plans river fish kill

Mother Nature's massive fish kill in Dickinson's Patterson Lake this winter left long-term effects, and the North Dakota Game and Fish Department says it may take three to five years to repair.

"The winterkill virtually killed all the game fish," said Jeff Hendrickson, NDGF's southwest district fisheries supervisor.

Beginning at the end of September, NDGF plans to eradicate "rough fish," bullheads and carp, from the Heart River and its tributaries to the west, the north and south forks flowing into Patterson Lake, Hendrickson said.

"We want to eliminate them as much as possible from the water shed," Hendrickson said. "Nobody really wants them, undesirable is a better word for it. "That's our goal is to completely kill 'em."

NDGF hasn't conducted a fish kill as massive as this since 1958. Hendrickson said that kill was 98 percent effective.

Agricultural insecticide rotenone will be added to the water at the end of September and fish eventually die as the chemical depletes the water of oxygen.

"Even though it is non-toxic to humans, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency