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Mountain lion sighting reported near cemeteries

Four men heading to work early Monday morning say they spotted what they believe to be about a 120-pound mountain lion near a chain link fence.

Albert Little Owl, an oilfield worker, along with three co-workers said they were driving along 10th Avenue East heading north at about 4:45 a.m. when they spotted a mountain lion sitting along a chain link fence north of Interstate 94 in Dickinson, near St. Wenceslaus and St. Patrick's cemeteries.

The sighting joins other sightings that have occurred in Dickinson and South Heart near the golf course recently.

Little Owl said he and his passengers attempted to take a photo with their cell phones, but the animal ran away heading east before they could.

He said he travels that road often going to work and has concerns over the safety of those who may be out walking on the road for exercise.

North Dakota Game and Fish officials have said previously they have received numerous calls over the past three to four years reporting mountain lion sightings, but have no confirmation that the sightings have been mountain lions.