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Shortage of turkeys seen in Dickinson

An overwhelming wave of customers left Wal-Mart Supercenter in Dickinson without any turkeys this weekend.

"They ran out of the whole turkeys Saturday morning, but the store did still have turkey breasts available," said Cydnee Cochran, a Wal-Mart media spokesperson. "We are not aware of anytime they have run completely out of turkeys before."

Cochran said the shortage happened because of the tremendous response to a sales special Wal-Mart was offering as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches.

"The response from our customers for all varieties of turkeys has been strong," Christi Gallagher, Wal-Mart spokesperson, said in an email. "The stores receive multiple shipments throughout the week, and we anticipate another shipment to arrive at the Dickinson store tonight (Monday)."

Cochran said she is unaware of any other Wal-Mart stores that had a turkey shortage.

Kristi Schwartz, Dickinson Wal-Mart store manager, would not comment Monday.

Dean's Meat Market in Dickinson is also running low on their smoked turkeys, said owner Dean Evenson.

"I don't have hardly any left," Evenson said. "I can't get anymore until Friday."

He said this year's turkey sales for the business are comparable to past years.

Ralph Dockter, Vice President of retail operations for Dan's Supermarket in Dickinson, said neither location in the city has run out of turkeys. He does not expect to run out of any Thanksgiving items.

"We expect to have plenty of turkeys for our customers," Dockter said. "There are typically some sizes that might run short, but we do expect to have turkey."

He couldn't say how this year's sales so far compare to past years, but said Dan's Supermarket is always busy around the holidays.

"Thanksgiving is always a good time of year for the supermarket business," Dockter said.