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TRMF looks to expand membership

An official with the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation says the organization hopes 500 to 700 more people are interested in helping take care of historic Medora.

The foundation is a few weeks into its annual membership drive and foundation President Randy Hatzenbuhler said 500 to 700 new members is the goal.

"We really only started the program maybe three or four years ago, and it's been nice -- we've grown it from just a handful of people to several hundred people," he said.

Hatzenbuhler estimates more than 300 people became annual members, raising about $75,000, last season.

Funds from the drive go to general support for operations in Medora.

"It fixes boardwalks and helps paint the structures," Hatzenbuhler said.

Dickinson resident Rita Steiner and her husband Walt have been members for several years.

"My husband does business up there and we love the musical," Steiner said. "(I think we'll continue to donate) as long as my husband is working and as long as we can afford to do so."

All donations are noted in the foundation's annual development report and all donations are welcome, Hatzenbuhler said, adding contributors can receive rounds of golf at Bully Pulpit or season passes to the Medora Musical if they donate a certain amount. For $250, those who donate get their names in the Medora Musical program. Other rewards are also offered for certain-size donations.

However, contributors can donate without taking a benefit so the entire amount goes to the foundation.

Those who donate are also eligible for a tax deduction.

The drive has been under way for a few weeks, and Hatzenbuhler said the organization takes members year-round.

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