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Bids lower for Medora quiet zones

MEDORA -- A bid for a quiet zone project encompassing two railroad crossings was opened Tuesday during a City Council meeting, but the bid was higher than expected and the issue was tabled, the mayor of Medora said.

Medora plans to change two of its crossings to quiet-zone crossings, one called East River Road and the other called The Chateau Crossing, near the Chateau De Mores, according to a previous Press article.

Initial estimates put about a $76,000 price tag on the Chateau Crossing and a $47,000 price tag on the East River Road crossing, however the one bid received, from Northern Improvement Company of Dickinson, came in at about $196,000, higher than the city anticipated, said Mayor Doug Ellison.

Ellison said the council tabled the issue until a later meeting and a special meeting may be held in the future.

"It came in a little higher than we had estimated," Ellison said. "At this point we're going to go back and talk with our consulting firm, and see what we can do."

The city had previously received one bid, also from Northern Improvement, but rejected it as it was too costly. Ellison said the new bid from Northern was lower than the previous bid.

The cost of the project will be partially covered by state funding, Ellison said.

Ellison said in an earlier Press article the decision was made to create quiet zones after some complaints due to the city's close proximity to the tracks and echo off the buttes surrounding the town.

Olie Golberg, an owner of the AmericInn in Medora, said when he was mayor of Medora he worked toward getting a quiet zone.

"That's our No. 1 complaint on our comment cards," Golberg said. "I'm just glad to see that my successors are still pushing for it. It's a well-needed thing in Medora, especially in the summertime."