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Drivers still struggle with snowy roads

With snowy, wet weather continuing Wednesday evening and into Thursday, some cars found their way into ditches Thursday morning, a North Dakota Highway Patrol officer said.

"I know this morning (Thursday) right away there were quite a few of them, especially out east of Dickinson. One trooper was out there quite a bit this morning," said Capt. Tony Huck of the NDHP. "There were reports of a bunch vehicles. ... They were talking about a half a dozen or so, east of Dickinson."

Thursday afternoon, Huck said Interstate 94 cleared up, which had some blowing snow early on.

Lt. Rod Banyai with the Dickinson Police Department said Thursday there were a few accidents resulting from slippery roadways.

Forty-one-year-old Michael Merwin of Hettinger died Tuesday after his Ford pickup rolled into a ditch on an icy patch of U.S. Highway 12 about three miles east of Hettinger, according to NDHP.

Forecasts from place temperatures for Dickinson in the mid-40s over the weekend.

-- By Beth Wischmeyer