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County election deadline nears

With the deadline for June election applications nearing, the Stark County Courthouse has yet to see many new faces submit their intent to run.

"Just the ones that are already in office, we know those have circulated petitions," said Stark County Deputy Auditor Kay Haag.

Several areas of government and office are up for election in Stark County, including state's attorney, Dickinson Public School Board, two spots on Dickinson City Commission, Stark County recorder, Stark County auditor, Stark County sheriff and a few spots on the South Heart City Council.

Those who intend on running for office must submit their petition certificate of nomination by April 9.

Elections will be held June 8.

Haag said those interested in running can obtain the proper paperwork on the North Dakota Secretary of State's Web site.

Each person and category may have its own requirement for the amount of signatures needed on a petition.

"They still would have to call us to know how many signatures they need," Haag said.

Petitions for those interested in running for a county office must have qualified voter signatures of no less than 2 percent or no more than 5 percent of the votes cast for the same offices in the last general election, according to the Web site.

No more than 300 signatures are required and must be comprised of Stark County residents.

To run for either a city or county position, interested parties must fill out a statement of interest, affidavit of candidacy and a petition/certificate of nomination, according to the Web site.

Those interested in running for city offices must obtain signatures comprised of not less than 10 percent of the number of qualified voters who voted for that particular office last election, according to the Web site.

In the past, the school board would hold their own election, but this year it will be on the ballot, Haag said.

"They have not submitted anything but they have all come back that they will come on board and be on our ballot," Haag said.

The only sector with a different candidate running this year is for Stark County auditor.

It is unclear if present Stark County Auditor Alice Schulz, who is up for re-election, will be running again.

Schulz has held office since election in 2000, said Haag.

Haag has submitted her petition to run for the position.