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Industrial park study conducted

A feasibility study recently conducted in Stark County outlined six sites where an industrial park could easily be developed.

"It basically gave some parameters as to what would go into an industrial park, what kind of investments would be necessary, and basically trying to determine a need without necessarily selecting a particular site for development," said Rod Landblom, executive director of the Roosevelt-Custer Regional Council. "It really developed kind of a matrix of what was supposed to go into an industrial site."

R-CRC and the Stark Development Corp. tried to locate sites that would appeal to companies wanting to locate to Dickinson.

"There's such a trend out there right now for growth and demand," Landblom said.

R-CRC secured a 50 percent grant from the Federal Economic Development Administration about a year ago, which was given to the Stark Development Corp.

Gaylon Baker, executive vice president of the Development Corp, said one site identified is in Belfield, one is in Richardton and four are in and around Dickinson.

"What (the study) does is it helps us to market Stark County as a home for industry by knowing what capacity we have to serve a given industry," Baker said.

Stark Development Corp. now has at least six places to point new businesses to.

"Each of those sites has its own opportunities, its own challenges, which the study helped us to be more aware of," Baker said. "What we're looking to do is we've learned what needs are at some of those sites through this and if they do decide to develop this then we have to take a look on a case-by-case basis at those sites and determine if there is cause for Stark Development to leverage investment there."

Baker said the next step is to speak to the land owners of the sites to see if they'd be willing to work with businesses moving into the area.

"Some of those sites are in public hands, but we're going to take a look at the study as a whole and say, 'how can we encourage the owners of these sites to make them more presentable to industry?'" Baker said. "Because what we feel is happening is that industry has a little bit of a barrier by not knowing where there are already industrial sites that are ready to go.

"That's what industry is looking for, because they need to move quickly when they make a decision. We want to accommodate that."

Stark Development Corp. will continue studying potential sites in the county for industrial expansion.

Potential sites:

- About 164 acres east of Belfield, bordered by Interstate 94 on the north, Highway 85 on the west and Highway 10 on the south.

- About 480 acres north of Dickinson in and around zoned and developed industrial property.

- About 30 acres in south Dickinson located along Broadway Street West.

- About 30 acres near Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport.

- About 45 acres in southeast Dickinson.

- About 80 acres immediately southeast of Richardton.