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Ballot Breakdown

The filing deadline for the spring election was 4 p.m. Friday. Here is who will be on the ballot June 8. Keep your eye on The Press. We will list candidates from throughout the region daily in addition to stories on area races throughout the month.

Dunn County

- County Commission (two at-large positions): Cliff Ferebee - incumbent, Robert Kleemann - incumbent, Daryl Dukart, Greg Senger, Jerry Wolberg, Donna Scott, Rick Reems

- Auditor/treasurer: Reinhard Hauck - incumbent.

- State's attorney: Ross Sundeen - incumbent

- County recorder: Christy Larsen - incumbent

- Sheriff: Don Rockvoy - incumbent, Blake Seibel

- Dunn County Newspaper: Dunn County Herald


- Mayor: Leonard Streifel - incumbent

- City Council (two positions): Fred Gervers - incumbent

- City Judge: David Walth - incumbent

- Park Board (two positions): No declared candidates


- Mayor: Dan Dolechek - incumbent

- City Commission (two-year term): Greg Andersen - incumbent

- City Commission (two positions, four-year terms): Monte Roshau, Anita Mjolhus - incumbent, Larry Boepple

- Park Board (two-year term): Aaron Benz

- Park Board (three positions, four-year terms): Elvis Kadrmas, Delbert Jardee, Ryan Praus

- School Board east/west area: Linda Kittilson

- School Board at-large: Shelley Lenz

Dunn Center

- City Council (two positions): Ed Danks, Kirk Roll - incumbent

- Municipal Judge: David Walth

- Park Board (two positions): Heidi Garness, Allen Garness


- City Commission (two positions): Blair Jay Selle - incumbent, Ryan Schleppenbach, Kelly Allmendinger

- Park Board (three positions): No declared candidates

- Issues: Shall Dunn County increase its commission size from three members to five?

Shall Dunn County continue to elect County Commissioners at-large?

Bowman County

- Auditor: Sandra Tivis

- Commissioner-at-large (two positions open): Ken Steiner, Lynn Brackel, Rick Seifert

- Recorder/Clerk of District Court: Jan T. Werre

- Sheriff: Rory Teigen, Robert P. Matthews, Jr.

- State's attorney: Nici Meyer Clarkson

- Treasurer: Christine "Cooky" Septon

- Director, Southwest Water Authority: Donald W. Flynn, Rick Seifert

- Official Legal Paper of Bowman County: Bowman County Pioneer

- Issues: Do you approve of permitting the Petrocomp waste dump in Bowman County?


- City Commission (two positions, four-year terms): Gerald McLaughlin, Grace Rea

- Judge (four year term): Keith King, Donald J. Groll

- Park and Recreation Board (three positions, four-year terms): Tyler Senn, Darwin Wilke, Brianne L. McWhorter, Duane Bowman, Michelle Domagala