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ABC to buy law offices

A familiar white downtown building may be bulldozed to make room for a new parking lot.

Frank Fridrich, market president at American Bank Center in downtown Dickinson, said the bank has placed a down payment on the Ebeltoft Sickler Lawyers building across the street with the intention of turning it into additional employee parking.

Fridrich said with all facets of the bank, from investments to insurance, he estimates the bank to have about 100 employees.

Fridrich said several bank employees have been parking in a lot across from the KDIX radio station as well as a city-owned parking lot near Kirkwood Bank & Trust Co., a lot that is consistently full.

Fridrich said from what he understands, Ebeltoft Sickler will move into the historic Elks building downtown once renovations are complete.

"Whenever they do get moved, our intent is to tear the building down and make a parking lot out of it," Fridrich said.

A specific time frame is not yet set.

"They were thinking maybe July or September of this year, not sure," Fridrich said. "If they don't get moved this spring or this summer we'll probably have to wait until next year to pave it."

The new lot will house about 40 to 45 parking spots.

With a down payment on the building, the purchase will not be official until Ebeltoft Sickler moves into its new location.

"We just needed some space so we wouldn't take up public parking," Fridrich said.

Phone calls to Ebeltoft Sickler Lawyers went unreturned Friday.