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More thefts reported in town

Vehicle break-ins and thefts continue to be reported in Dickinson, according to the Dickinson Police Department. Four incidents were reported Wednesday.

A window of a vehicle on First Avenue Southwest was reported as broken.

"A Blazer was broken into and a $400 iPod was stolen," Wilkie said.

The window of a truck on Kuchenski Drive was also broken to gain access to the vehicle, Wilkie said.

"He had a Bluetooth earpiece taken from vehicle," he added.

A Dickinson resident on First Avenue Southeast also reported beer was stolen from their garage.

"He saw someone on the south side of his house with a flashlight. When he went into his garage the next day, he found some beer bottles missing," Wilkie said.

It is unclear if entry to the garage was forced, but broken bottles were found on the north side of the house, he added.

A large rock was used to break a window at Southview Liquors as well.

However, it doesn't appear entrance to the building was gained, Wilkie said.

The thefts from vehicles may be related, he said.

"There's definitely the possibility that they are," Wilkie said. "I don't know if all of them are connected, but it seems awfully suspicious that we're having as many break-ins as we are."

He said the same types of items are being stolen.

"It's iPods, it's computers and a lot of electronics," Wilkie said.

He was unsure how many thefts there have been lately, but said they began the last week of April or first week of May.