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Clara's Diner burglarized

A burglary was reported at Clara's Diner in Richardton Friday morning, Stark County Sheriff Clarence Tuhy said.

"The only thing we've got is food and money taken," he said.

Owner Clara McCutchan said it was not immediately clear that the business had been burglarized.

"There were no windows broken, I can say that," she said. "It was actually my cook that was going to make breakfast for somebody and noticed that the bacon was not there and that's when we discovered that there was food missing."

She closed the café so they could inventory the restaurant and go through legal procedures. However, she plans to be open today.

"It's hard enough to make it in business just on a regular basis without going through the shock and surprise of being robbed," McCutchan said.

No further information was released and the incident is being investigated, Tuhy said.

-- By Ashley Martin