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King chosen as Bowman judge

Bowman residents have voted for Keith King to be their new municipal judge. He will be sworn in July 22, said Bowman City Auditor Judy Pond.

King was running against Donald Groll, and with 274 votes King had more than 60 percent of Bowman residents' votes.

King was the city's chief of police for five years.

"I always felt that I got a lot of community support when I was the police chief, so I figured that running for judge I would probably get a fair amount of support, and I guess I did," King said.

Groll is disappointed, but said King will be a good judge.

"I guess I was going into the job as somewhat of a learn-as-you-go type thing and I think the other candidate ... he was up to date on the rules and regulations and all of that," Groll said. "I think that probably was my downfall."

King is looking forward to the position. He is knowledgeable about city laws and ordinances, but it will be new and different for him.

"You're looking at the law from a quite different angle," King said. "I think it will be very interesting. I like to go to school, so I'm looking forward to the training it will involve."

Since King is not an attorney, he must attend yearly training, Pond said.

Groll doesn't plan to run for the judgeship again.

"I think I'm going to take a good look, but probably not do anything more politically," Groll said. "I just thought if I could help the community out, you know, in that way that I would consider doing that."

Roline Taylor, who has been the Bowman municipal judge for about 16 years, did not run for re-election.