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City landfill ablaze

Press Photo by Lisa Call Firefighters work to suppress a blaze at the Dickinson landfill Thursday night.

As the sun set on the Dickinson skyline, a thick black smoke rolled over the horizon as a fire burned at Dickinson's landfill east of town, Thursday evening.

Dickinson Rural Fire Department Chief Curt Lefor said the cause of the fire is unknown.

Lefor said landfill employees completed their regular inspection rounds prior to leaving for the day and nothing was out of the ordinary.

Passersby and residents saw the thick smoke billowing on the horizon and notified authorities.

The fire started in an area where baled garbage was stacked with loose garbage placed in between.

About eight fire trucks responded to the general alarm and officials estimate about 12,000 gallons or more of water was used in helping stifle the blaze, measuring the size of half a football field or larger.

Stark County along with Fisher Industries hauled water to the scene to assist in putting out the blaze.

At about 9:30 p.m. the fire was still ablaze as three backhoes moved dirt over the fire, building a sort of retaining wall.

Lefor said landfill employees would likely have to spend most of the evening working to completely put out any smoldering material and place the remains back into the landfill space it occupied when it caught fire.

No injuries were sustained during the fire or firefighting efforts.