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Local PD gets unfounded reports of fugitive sightings

Police responded to two reported sightings of Arizona fugitives in Dickinson Tuesday. Though no fugitives were discovered, police say residents should be on the lookout.

John McCluskey and his fiancee, Casslyn Welch have eluded authorities since McCluskey and two other inmates escaped from an Arizona prison on June 30, according to The Associated Press.

The U.S. Marshals Service said they may be in Arkansas where they are reportedly suspects in an armed robbery. Welch was last spotted Sunday at a restaurant in St. Mary, Mont., on the eastern border of Glacier National Park, according to AP.

"... everybody should be concerned and aware of their surroundings and don't take things for granted," Stark County Sheriff Clarence Tuhy said. "Lock your doors and even if they're driving they should have their doors locked."

The Dickinson Police Department responded to a report of a suspicious person on a bicycle that fit the description of McCluskey, on Third Avenue West at about 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, Capt. Joe Cianni said.

Authorities were unable to locate the man, but Cianni said they don't believe it was him.

At about 6 p.m. Tuesday, another caller reported the fugitives may have been at Tiger Discount in Dickinson, Cianni said. Police located the people in question and determined they were not the fugitives, he added.

"They take all the calls seriously," Cianni said.

If anyone thinks they spot the fugitives, they should call law enforcement and not try to "take things into their own hands," Tuhy said.

"Don't wait a half hour down the road to call -- call us immediately," he said. "If they see them driving a vehicle, kind of try to keep the vehicle in sight until local law enforcement gets to the area."

DPD Capt. Dustin Dassinger said it's good residents have a heightened awareness, but people shouldn't be "overly concerned."

Fidencio Rivera, chief deputy U.S. Marshal for the Arizona district, told the AP Wednesday, "Welch has dyed her hair blonde, McCluskey has dyed his black," Rivera said.

Two of the escaped inmates have been caught, and New Mexico authorities have linked the group to the deaths of an Oklahoma couple whose bodies were found in their charred camper in eastern New Mexico a week ago, according to AP.

The Arizona attorney general's office on Monday charged McCluskey's mother and ex-wife with helping the inmates after they escaped, according to AP.

Anyone who has information about the fugitives should call the DPD at 701-456-7759 or the Stark County Sheriff's Department at 701-456-7610.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.