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No injuries when Dickinson PD car slides into truck

No one was injured when a Dickinson Police Department squad car slid through a stop sign and hit a truck at about 8 this morning, according to the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

Officer Lauren Asheim, 26, Dickinson was on patrol and exiting at Interstate 94. While on the off ramp she applied the brakes but her squad car slid through the stop sign and hit 25-year-old Jamestown resident Jerrid Brehm's pickup truck, according to the release.

The truck had moderate front-end damage and was towed and the squad car was driven from the scene with major damage to the passenger side.

No tickets were issued, HP Sgt. Dan Haugen said.

"They were both well below the speed limit," he said, adding icy conditions caused other slide-offs in the region.

"We had some vehicles in the ditches west of town and a few north of Killdeer on Highway 22," he said.