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Belfield, Golva, New England school board election results in

Three area school districts announced the winners of the school board elections held Tuesday.

Belfield, Golva and New England officials said the elections were well attended and anticipate another great school year.

Belfield had two open seats, one at large and one rural. Incumbent Tim Ebert won the at large seat and Delbert Kadrmas will be the rural representative. There was one write in vote for Edward Procive.

Voters also decided school board meeting minutes should be published by a 24-to-two vote.

Golva Public School District voters elected Paul Schmitz and Susan Sarsland to the board. Both ran unopposed. Schmitz received 25 votes, Sarsland 24, there were two write-ins.

Voters also decided to publish the school board meeting minutes. The count was 14 yes, 12 no.

Incumbents Jon Stang, Kris Ehlis and Lynn Dvorak ran for their respective positions unopposed in New England.

Stang received all 39 votes, Ehlis, 37, (there were two write-ins for Kristi Madler) and Dvorak 30 (there were three votes for write-in Ardel Humleker and one for write-in Peter Dvorak.)

Two measures were on the ballot:

r Should New England Public School Board minutes be published in the official paper for the next two years.

r Shall the New England Public School Board have the authority to appoint an individual from the district at large for a term of one year to the school board to fill an unfilled position in a geographical boundary.

Voters said "yes" to both measures. The first passed by a vote of 38 to one and the second by a vote of 35 to four.

Hebron Public School District's school board election is today, results will be published in a later edition of The Dickinson Press.