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Volunteers feed a full house during Dickinson Community Thanksgiving Dinner

Press Photo by Ashley Martin Dickinson State University Women's Basketball members from left, freshman Trini Morgan, sophomore Jordyn Bender, Assistant Coach Staci Moore and Senior Mandy Mullock prepare "to go" Thanksgiving dinners for those who couldn't attend the Community Dinner at the Ramada Grand Dakota Lodge in Dickinson Thursday.

It takes more than 200 volunteers to make the Dickinson Community Thanksgiving Dinner a reality and about 900 people enjoyed the feast Thursday, volunteer Janet Johanson said. That's about 300 more than last year.

"We are very fortunate that we had a lot of volunteers," she said. "There's just so many people that come into play and it just warms your heart."

About 600 people came to the dinner and volunteers delivered about 300 of the meals of turkey, ham, potatoes and other goodies.

Countless donors contributed, making the free dinners possible, Johanson said.

"Different companies have given us grants," said volunteer Mary Ann Brauhn. "People have mailed in donations."

The Ramada Grand Dakota Lodge provided space for the community meal, and employees helped make the event run smoothly, she added.

"That was huge," Brauhn said.

About 300 meals were delivered to residents who couldn't make it, volunteer Richard Brauhn said. There were about 200 meals delivered last year, he said.

Erica and Elizabeth Odermann, Medora natives, came to Dickinson to help.

"It's just a good way to volunteer for Thanksgiving and be thankful for what we have," Erica Odermann said.