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Dickinson liquor license bid to start at $185K

The Dickinson City Commission approved three liquor licenses during its regular meeting at City Hall on Monday evening.

A resolution to formally approve the process to create a 17th on-sale/off-sale liquor license to be sold via a bidding process was passed by the Commission.

Bids will begin at $185,000, according to the resolution.

"The ($185,000) is a -- in talking to the industry and to city staff that was arrived at a number that seemed to be reflective of what licenses have been transferring for in the past," City Administrator Shawn Kessel said.

A public notice was posted in The Dickinson Press on Wednesday that the city was to begin taking bids for the 17th license.

The license was brought on by interest from Coborn's Inc, parent company to Cash Wise, who wishes to open a liquor store with its grocery in the Roers' Development in 2014, said Coborn's Communications Manager Emily Coborn in a previous Press article.

The city will take sealed bids until noon Aug. 13, after which it will take verbal bids from those who have submitted the application and bid. The public will be able to witness the process, but only those who have submitted a sealed bid will be able to participate.

There is no guarantee that Cash Wise will obtain the license, Kessel said in a previous Press article.

The license will be issued after the highest bidder passes a background check and the Commission approves it, Kessel said.

Player's Sports Bar and Grill applied for a restaurant on-sale liquor license, which was approved by the Commission. Players would be a bar and grill under the same model as Ground Round or Applebee's, Player's representative Wayne Rau said.

Men's Den salon requested a beer and wine license to serve those beverages at a male-oriented salon.

There are no limits on these licenses in the city, Kessel said.

"This is for on-sale sales only, this is not for off-sale purposes," he said.

There is a stipulation that businesses holding a restaurant on-sale license must prove that the majority of their sales come from food, Commission President Dennis Johnson said, questioning the amounts Players plans to sell of both food and liquor.

The business expects 65 to 70 percent of its sales to come from food and 30 to 35 to come from liquor sales, Rau said.

Men's Den salon plans to serve beer or wine along with haircuts and other services to patrons, according to its application. There was not a representative of the salon present. The application listed Cory Branson as the proprietor.

Johnson questioned the serving of under-aged patrons, but it was established that an ID check could prevent minors from being served.

"I've been to (a similar barber shop) in Kansas City and it's a unique concept and I think in a community like ours it will probably be well received," said City Planner Ed Courton.

There is a $2,845 yearly fee for a commercial on-sale/off-sale license, a $2,345 yearly fee for a restaurant on-sale license and a $1,845 yearly fee for an on-sale beer and wine license through the city. Business owners must also get licenses through the state.


The Commission also approved a first reading of a proposed change to the way Dickinson allows businesses to sell tobacco products.

Currently the city grants authority to businesses wishing to sell tobacco products, Kessel said. Because those entities are not licensed by the city and only granted authority, it is harder to police those abusing their authority, such as selling to minors. If the city approves a license it can then be revoked for a period of time and fines can be charged.

"We believe it would be a lot easier to track if a license was issued and then renewed each and every year," Kessel said.

A proposed license fee of $50 was discussed.

There will be a public hearing before the second reading of the proposed ordinance. A date for that hearing was not set before The Press left the meeting.

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