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AdvancED commends DPS, offers opportunities for improvement

Accreditation team AdvancED presented areas for improvement to Dickinson Public Schools Wednesday in the culmination of the team’s three-day visit.

The school must develop a systemic plan, more clearly outline goals for its fast-growing teacher base and reassess district-level leadership positions, Dr. Judy Williams of the accreditation team said in her presentation.

Williams, a professor at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, said she was amazed at how well the school was doing considering the spike in population the district is dealing with.

“You shouldn’t be this good,” she said.

“What you’re dealing with is what inner-city schools deal with.”

The school scored lowest in the digital learning category. Williams said the team observed digital equipment being used — “when it worked.”

Williams also commended the school district on its teaching, especially considering the hiring it’s had to do to meet growing demand.

During its visit, AdvancED pored through documents, toured buildings and conducted 185 interviews with teachers, administrators, staff, parents and students.