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Kramer: West River Community Center construction could be delayed

With the winter weather in southwest North Dakota becoming quite frightful lately, Dickinson Parks and Recreation director James Kramer said Monday that construction on the West River Community Center could be affected a bit in the coming weeks.

Speaking at a Dickinson Park Board meeting, Kramer warned board members of possible delays moving forward as the area settles into a deep freeze.

“With the snow and with weather turning as cold as it did as quickly as it did, I think winter conditions are going to become an issue,” Kramer said. “Some of the contractors will inevitably be coming to us for some assistance for winter conditions. When we initially bid this project, we were anticipating being a little further along than we are now.”

Kramer said any requests for additional funds will be brought to the board if and when they are made.

Meanwhile, the senior project manager for the $23 million community center expansion said the steel for a new ice arena on the complex grounds is set to go up sometime next week.

“Winter conditions are here,” said Pat Barnett of Mortenson Construction, which is overseeing the expansion. “We’re heating right now, so there are costs occurring, but we’re not asking for any help yet. We’re getting two new heaters on Thursday. We’re mobilizing and prepping for the steel to go up (for the ice arena). That should go fast, as long as we don’t get a big blizzard.”

In other Park Board news, Kramer said a new Verizon cell tower and accompanying building — terms of which are currently in negotiations — could be part of a small complex that would include a concession stand adjacent to the parks and rec skate park, though nothing has been finalized.

Bryan Horwath
A Wisconsin native, Horwath has been covering news in the Oil Patch of North Dakota since 2012. Horwath currently serves as the senior agriculture and political reporter for The Dickinson Press and, despite the team's tendency to always let him down, remains a diehard Minnesota Vikings fan.
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