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The clinic will see you now: Sanford set to open new facility Monday in Dickinson

Press Photo by Katherine Grandstrand Dr. Jack Thomas leads a tour of the Sanford Health Clinic on Friday. 1 / 3
Press Photo by Katherine Grandstrand The new facility in Dickinson features this state-of-the-art CT scanner, shown here Friday during a tour of the facility. The clinic opens on Monday. 2 / 3
Press Photo by Katherine Grandstrand There are 14 pediatric exam rooms at the new Sanford Health Clinic in Dickinson, shown here during a tour of the facility Friday, compared to eight in the old clinic. The new pediatric section is decorated to appeal to children. Sanford will host an open house at the new clinic, at 2615 Fairway Street, on Monday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.3 / 3

By Katherine Lymn

Paintings fill the walls, waiting rooms are stocked with magazines and the storage cupboards are being stocked.

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The new Sanford Health Dickinson Clinic is ready to roll.

The clinic officially opens at 8 a.m. Monday. The old location, just east of Third Avenue, will not be open for its usual walk-ins Saturday to allow for last-minute moving tasks.

Among staff and physicians, there’s an “air of excitement,” Dr. Tanya Skager said at the new location Friday.

The new location provides more services and extended walk-in hours, all in a brighter, more spacious building.

“The first time I went through in construction, I got lost,” Craig Lambrecht, president of the Bismarck region of Sanford Health, said Friday at the new building.

Even doctors got turned around as they walked through the clinic — it is, after all, more than six times the size of the old location.

In the lab, “the actual working space is so much bigger,” Skager said. “They’ll have so much more room.”

The hospital is filled with modern flairs that would look out-of-place at the old location.

Doors in the operating room area open with a wave of the hand.

And the new CAT scan is “top of the line” — doctors in Bismarck Sanford locations are jealous — and is more efficient, reducing the time patients are exposed to radiation, said Dr. Jack Thomas.

Bright, bold murals cover walls in the pediatrics exam rooms and accompanying waiting area — “a little more child-friendly” than the old location, Skager said, where decorations between pediatrics and adult care areas were the same.

Another new offering will be infusions, like for chemotherapy or arthritis medication.

Physicians said the new facility represents more than a couple miles’ move.

“We’re not just moving to another building,” Thomas said. “We’re redefining who we are.

“As we’ve progressed, it’s become more and more obvious that we’re really changing.”

Over the weekend, final items will be moved, physicians will make sure their spaces are ready for patients and all will get instructions on how to use the building.

Lambrecht said Sanford doesn’t yet know what will happen to its old location with the move vacating it.

“Do we sell it, so we keep it?”

Skagen, a family practitioner, had one idea.

“I’m hoping for a staff spa,” she said with a laugh.

OPEN HOUSE: Sanford will host an open house at the new clinic, at 2615 Fairway Street, on Monday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.


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