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FX show "Fargo" includes Enchanted Highway in teaser trailer

Teaser trailers for the new FX network original series “Fargo” appeared online Monday night.

One of the previews featured one of the metal sculpture attractions along the Enchanted Highway, the road from Interstate 94 to Regent in southwest North Dakota.

In the 30-second clip, the Tin Family site is shown above snow-covered ground as a silver sedan drives past them and out of frame. The car then backs up into the frame. A passenger-side car door opens and shuts. As the car drives away, it is revealed that the occupants of the car have left a dead body in the Enchanted Highway site’s parking lot as the title “Fargo” appears.

There are three other teasers featuring non-descript sites. In one, two men are trying to dispose of a dead body in a frozen lake. Another shows the nose of a dead body revealed to be laying along a snow-covered road side. In the final teaser, actor Billy Bob Thornton — the star of “Fargo” TV series — is shown scrapping off his snow-covered windshield.

“Fargo,” which is based on the 1996 Oscar-nominated Coen Brothers movie of the same name about a kidnapping in rural Minnesota, premieres at 8 p.m. Tuesday, April 15 on FX.