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Troopers to ride on school buses Wednesday

Troopers from the North Dakota Highway Patrol’s Southwest Region are conducting an enforcement effort to increase traffic safety on local bus routes throughout the area on Wednesday.

The effort, which includes putting a trooper on the bus, is designed to enhance the enforcement of traffic laws related to bus routes and to increase public awareness regarding the dangers created by motorists who fail to stop for school buses when children are loading and unloading, according to a release.

The program involves a trooper riding along on a school bus to observe motorists’ activities. If a violation occurs, the trooper will radio the information to another trooper in a nearby squad car. A traffic stop will be initiated and enforcement action will be taken.

The enforcement consequence for failing to stop as required for a school bus is a $100 fine and six points being assessed to the violator’s driving record. In addition, the registered owner of a motor vehicle may also be assessed a fine of $100 for the driver failing to stop as required for a school bus.