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More than $500 in damage reported on DSU campus

Dickinson Police officers are investigating an incident of vandalism on the Dickinson State University campus that occurred Friday morning.

The agriculture building on the west end of campus sustained an estimated $500 worth of damage, including a door that was broken and an air condition unit with some damage. The police have no suspects at this time.

Dickinson woman arrested for disorderly conduct

An apparently intoxicated Dickinson woman was arrested Saturday afternoon for disorderly conduct.

Rebecca Miller, 37, was asked to leave the Paragon sports bar after she began harassing employees and customers. Police arrived to trespass her from the area, and she left without incident, Dickinson Police Det. Kylan Klauzer said.

A couple of hours later, though, Miller returned to the bar, where she was subsequently arrested.

Man arrested for disorderly conduct

at Applebee’s

A Dickinson man was arrested after refusing to leave an Applebee’s Saturday afternoon.

Samuel Bailey, 22, went to the restaurant but was asked to leave for not paying for a meal there on a prior night. He became upset and told staff he wasn’t going to leave, Dickinson Police Det. Kylan Klauzer said.

Bailey went into the restaurant bathroom and took off some of his clothing, then entered the kitchen area where the management office is, staff told police.

Officers found Bailey in the manager’s office, where he was place under arrest. He was charged with disorderly conduct and offensive language and gestures.

Bailey was taken into custody and has to post a $200 bond.

Drunken teen arrested after threatening family gathering

Officers arrested a Dickinson teen after he drunkenly threatened a family gathering Sunday evening.

Witnesses, including family members, say Tyler Swindle, 18, arrived at a residence on the 600 block of 29th Street West already intoxicated and covered in some blood. The group had gathered there for a meal, they told police.

Swindle began yelling profanities and grabbed a knife from the kitchen. Witnesses felt threatened for their safety, they told police. One witness said Swindle hit him on the side of the head with a fist.

When officers arrived, they found Swindle restrained by another man on the floor of the kitchen. They detained Swindle and charged him with domestic violence, simple assault and terrorizing, as well as for minor in consumption of alcohol. He was taken into custody and has to appear before a judge.