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3 assault cases head for trial

Three separate aggravated assault cases were bound over for trial Monday at Stark County Courthouse.

Alabama man Jeffrey Young, 28, pistol whipped his roommate in an altercation on March 2, the state alleges. In a preliminary hearing, Stark County State’s Attorney Tom Henning entered into evidence a picture of the victim’s bloodied head. Dickinson Police Officer Matt Hanson testified that Young was leaving the north Dickinson residence when police arrived, and officers later stopped the victim, who was driving away with his injury.

The nature of the altercation didn’t come out in the hearing, but Hanson testified that he was told the victim became violent and as the fight escalated, Young retrieved his handgun and struck him, lacerating the victim’s upper forehead.

Defense attorney Mary Nordsven pointed out that it’s unclear who started the fight, and that the victim has a record of violence, but Judge William Herauf nevertheless said probable case was established.

In another case, a verbal dispute over a roommate being kicked out led to a punch and facial fractures.

Gary Fallan, 26, had been given “short notice” and told to pack his bags and move out of the apartment he shared with the victim, Anthony Willoughby, on Oct. 15, 2013, Hanson testified. A loud argument ensued, prompting neighbors to call police. When Willoughby asked Fallan to return a spare set of keys, Fallan, from Dickinson, punched him twice as he approached. Willoughby reportedly suffered facial fractures.

Wilbur Helmuth, 29, of Colorado, faces an aggravated assault charge after punching a man unconscious.

On March 30 in Belfield, Helmuth was confronting an employee about work problems when he wound up punching him. When the man came to, he was very disoriented, Dickinson Police Officer David Wallace testified.

“He was completely incoherent,” Wallace said. “He didn’t know where he was, he didn’t know what day it was, he couldn’t even tell me who the president was.”